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Are You Akira Store The Suitable Method

Upon the revealing of Persona 5, followers in Japan nicknamed him Potter because of his visual resemblance to Harry Potter, the primary character of the Harry Potter franchise. He later develops into the supervisor for Japan Group for the Hokuto Cup and let Hikaru play Japan first in opposition to Korea First Ko Yong-ha. His liking for black espresso allows Hikaru to appreciate that he is the failed Insei that the others are discussing shortly after Hikaru becomes an Insei. Knowledgeable Go Participant and the Insei Instructor for the Insei courses. A 7-dan Go participant and the group Go leader. Atsushi Kurata is 7 Dan professional Go player. He met Hikaru when Hikaru pointed out an important historical significance Go board is a pretend, and when Kurata performs Hikaru at a Go salon in a single shade, Go acknowledges Hikaru’s potential. Although Hikaru resigns from the match, Kurata provides him…

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